①大気と水の境界で発生する光の屈折による影響を修正して,獲物を狙うことができる。 ②獲物との距離を測り,獲物にあたる直前に噴射された水の勢いが最も強くなるように調整できる。 ③獲物の進路が変わっても,水をあてることができる。











    As a student, I did not have much money, and I had difficulty buying records.  Therefore, when I got a record, I listened to it so many times that it was worn out.  This made me remember the title and lyrics of every record that I had.  Now, however, I have a lot of CDs and downloaded music that I bought online, many of which I have never listened to.  Sometimes I do not realize that I already have a piece of music until I get the same one.  It is said that the more things you have, the less you appreciate the importance of them.  I now understand this is completely true.



To the person in charge of scholarships

I am a Japanese high school student, and hope to study at your college next year.  I checked recently which university would suit a career that I would like to pursue after I graduate, and I have found out that you have an excellent career development curriculum.  
I would appreciate it if you could give me some information about scholarships that you offer.  
Here are some questions I would like to ask you:
#1  Are there any qualifications or requirements to apply for your scholarships?
#2  Are there any kinds of scholarship that you offer?
#3  How much is offered to a student, especially an overseas student?
#4  When would I have to apply if I met your requirements?
I look forward to hearing from you.