ア-make  イ-benefits  ウ-surpass  エ-forgetting







    When I take photos on the phone, I tend to place more emphasis on capturing memories.  Pictures I usually take show daily, rather trivial activities.  For example, I took a picture of my son washing his teeth before going to bed.  What it shows is not anything special, but his everyday routine.  However, such photos bring back to me fond memories of my family members, and make me smile and realize how precious they are to me.  They remind me of the common activities that make up my actual lives, but they also teach me to appreciate these everyday experiences.  (100 words)




 When you think about the word “minority,” what first comes into your mind may be that a minority is a small group of people within a much larger group.  However, it is misleading to think that you can understand its concept only in terms of number of people who make up a group.  A racial or religious group can be called a minority when it is socially inferior due to cultural or historical backgrounds.  In this sense, a minority does not necessarily consist of a small number of people.  For example, in a society in which most managers of organizations are men, women can be considered to be a minority.